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Random Pictures Gallery

Cow Killer ant

Jill and Pickles BFF

RibFest 2006

Bristol, WI Renaissance Faire 2006

Grammy and Pap Pap (top) and Cally and Uncle Ernie (below)

enough said... (and so much for "i" before "e" except after "c")

Saint Patrick's church, Chicago, Illinois


Bristol, WI Renaissance Faire 2007

The "new" wheels of EnLightened Orchids

We hate these monsters! Look for leafless tomato plants!

Mmmm, Beer (one of the many "other" hobbies)

Ernie at his REAL job

Some things should go without saying

Back to the Future? You better promise me you'll be back in time...

Woah man, like, what's in these crackers?

Sign on I-94 in Racine, Wisconsin just north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border

One of our pit stops on the way back from the Wisconisn orchid shows

The Froggy Bottom Pub in Washington, DC- our old hang out. 2000 Block of Pennsylvania Ave near the GW hospital. Give the Mexican Pizza and a pitcher of Blue Ridge a try!

Pickels and Boomer being cats

Go Pens! Ernie's goalie mask. Painted by Ernie himself. A replica of Tom Barrasso's Stanley Cup era mask.

More Ernie art. Hobby number one is tropical, freshwater fish, particularly Corydoras catfishes. Hobby number two, sketching.

Zzzzzzz. Ernie sleeping on shaving day.

a closer look...

How many languages can one fit on a paper towel dispenser? And how many pictures can one take in a men's room before being lynched?



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