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St. Louis Arch
Living Fountain- note water coming from her fingers and head

Dick Wells, the Fountain Lady, and Ernie
St. Louis, Missouri Home and Garden Show

Fort Worth, Texas Botanic Garden Center & Conservatory

University of Texas Tower, Austin

Czech Stop, West, Texas. Good food! (yes, the city is called West)

remember The Alamo
A bar across from The Alamo
San Antonio, Texas

Houston Garden Center
Sam HoustonHouston Astrodome (Katrina "Safehouse")
Houston, Texas

Dallas skyline
Dallas, Texas

Shreveport, Louisiana

Albany, New York flight

A bike I loved was stolen circa 1995... nope, it's not on this car either. : ( The search continues...
This picture snapped on the way to North Carolina for speaking engagements in Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh, and Wilmington.

The flight to Edmonton and Calgary from Chicago. This is where the plains meet the Rockies... from 40,000 feet up.



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